SEMPRA ENERGY | 2013 | FY | 3

   WasteFormer Fossil-Other 
  Manufactured-DisposalFueled PowerHazardous 
  Gas SitesSites (PRP)(1)PlantsWaste SitesTotal
SDG&E(2)(3)$$$ 5.2$ 0.4$ 5.6
SoCalGas(3)  14.7  0.2   0.2  15.1
Other  2.2  1.2   0.8  4.2
Total Sempra Energy$ 16.9$ 1.4$ 5.2$ 1.4$ 24.9
(1)Sites for which we have been identified as a Potentially Responsible Party.
(2)Does not include SDG&E’s liability for SONGS marine mitigation.
(3)This includes $5.5 million at SDG&E and $15.1 million at SoCalGas related to hazardous waste sites subject to the Hazardous Waste Collaborative mechanism approved by the CPUC in 1994. This mechanism permits California’s IOUs, including the California Utilities, to recover in rates 90 percent of hazardous waste cleanup costs and related third-party litigation costs, and 70 percent of the related insurance-litigation expenses for certain sites. In addition, the California Utilities have the opportunity to retain a percentage of any recoveries from insurance carriers and other third parties to offset the cleanup and associated litigation costs not recovered in rates.