Sales Contracts

        In March 2006, the Company first amended its sales contracts with Itochu Corporation ("Itochu") and UG U.S.A., Inc. ("UG") that superseded the previously existing contracts. Each contract provides for delivery of one-half of our actual production from our properties in Texas currently owned or hereafter acquired by the Company (excluding certain large potential exploration plays). Uranium deliveries from the inception of the contracts through December 31, 2012 have totaled approximately 510,000 pounds to Itochu and 480,000 pounds to UG.

        In July 2013, the Company amended its uranium supply contract with Itochu to include a new sales pricing structure, new delivery dates and quantity levels. Pursuant to the amended agreement, Itochu would purchase one-half of all production from the Company's Vasquez, Rosita or Kingsville properties up to three million pounds of U3O8. Any new production outside of those areas is not subject to the agreement. The purchase price will be based on published market prices at the time of delivery subject to a five percent discount when the market price is $56.50 per pound of U3O8 or less, or seven percent when greater than $56.50 per pound.

        Under the UG contract all production from our Texas properties will be sold at a price equal to the month-end long-term contract price for the second month prior to the month of delivery less $6 per pound until (i) 600,000 pounds have been sold in a particular delivery year and (ii) an aggregate of 3 million pounds of uranium has been sold. After the 600,000 pounds in any year and 3 million pounds total have been sold, UG will have a right of first refusal to purchase other Texas production at a price equal to the average spot price for a period prior to the date of delivery less 4%.