Mondelez International, Inc. | 2013 | FY | 3

Note 2. Divestitures and Acquisition

Spin-off Kraft Foods Group:

On October 1, 2012 (the “Distribution Date”), we completed the spin-off of our North American grocery business, Kraft Foods Group, Inc. (“Kraft Foods Group”), to our shareholders (the “Spin-Off”). Along with our other food and beverage categories, we also retained our global snacks business. On October 1, 2012, each of our shareholders of record as of the close of business on September 19, 2012 (“the Record Date”) received one share of Kraft Foods Group common stock for every three shares of our Common Stock held as of the Record Date. The distribution was structured to be tax free to our U.S. shareholders for U.S. federal income tax purposes.

Kraft Foods Group became an independent public company on October 1, 2012, and following the Spin-Off, we do not beneficially own any shares of Kraft Foods Group common stock.

The divested Kraft Foods Group business is presented as a discontinued operation on the consolidated statements of earnings for all periods presented. The Kraft Foods Group other comprehensive earnings, changes in equity and cash flows are included within our consolidated statements of comprehensive earnings, equity and cash flows through October 1, 2012.

A summary of results related to the discontinued operation of Kraft Foods Group within our historical results is presented below:


     Fourth Quarter Ended      Nine Months Ended      Year Ended  
     December 31, 2013      October 1, 2012      December 31, 2011  
     (in millions)  

Net revenues

           $ 13,768       $ 18,555   










Earnings before income taxes

   $ 2,522       $ 2,266       $ 2,892   

Provision for income taxes

     919         778         1,082   










Earnings from discontinued operations, net of income taxes

   $ 1,603       $ 1,488       $ 1,810   










The results of the Kraft Foods Group discontinued operation exclude certain corporate and business unit costs which were historically allocated to Kraft Foods Group and continued at Mondelēz International after the Spin-Off. These costs include primarily corporate overheads, information systems and sales force support. On a pre-tax basis, through the date of the Spin-Off, these costs were $150 million for the nine months ended October 1, 2012 and $236 million for the year ended December 31, 2011.

Interest expense relating to debt Kraft Foods Group incurred or assumed through October 1, 2012 has been included in the results from discontinued operations for all periods presented and as follows:


     Nine Months Ended      Year Ended  
     October 1, 2012      December 31, 2011  
     (in millions)  

$6.0 billion note issuance in June 2012

   $ 70       $   

$3.6 billion notes exchanged in July 2012

     171         226   

$0.4 billion debt transferred in October 2012

     24         31   

Capital leases and other

     13         10   






   $ 278       $ 267   








On October 1, 2012, we divested the following assets and liabilities which net to $4,358 million, or $4,111 million net of cash retained by Kraft Foods Group on the Distribution Date (in millions):






   $ 247   



Inventories, net


Deferred income taxes


Other current assets


Property, plant and equipment, net




Intangible assets, net


Prepaid pension assets


Other assets




   $ 24,163   






Current portion of long-term debt

   $ 6   

Accounts payable


Accrued marketing


Accrued employment costs


Other current liabilities


Long-term debt


Deferred income taxes


Accrued pension costs


Accrued postretirement health care costs


Other liabilities




   $ 19,805   




Net assets divested in the Spin-Off

   $ 4,358   




Additionally, $4,308 million of accumulated other comprehensive losses primarily related to the pension and other benefit plan net liabilities transferred to Kraft Foods Group and $89 million of unearned compensation recorded within additional paid in capital were distributed to Kraft Foods Group. In total, we recorded a distribution of $8,755 million to our shareholders in connection with the Spin-Off of Kraft Foods Group.

In order to implement the Spin-Off, we entered into certain agreements with Kraft Foods Group to effect our legal and structural separation, govern the relationship between us, and allocate various assets, liabilities and obligations between us, including, among other things, employee benefits, intellectual property and tax-related assets and liabilities (see Note 15, Income Taxes, for additional information on the current and deferred tax assets and liabilities transferred or retained in the Spin-Off). In addition to executing the Spin-Off in the manner provided in the agreements, in November 2012, pursuant to these agreements, we paid Kraft Foods Group $163 million related to targeted cash flows (together with the $247 million of cash divested on the Distribution Date, totaling $410 million of cash transferred to Kraft Foods Group in connection with the Spin-Off). To facilitate the management, including final payment and resolution, of certain obligations, Kraft Foods Group retained certain of our North American net trade payables and receivables. We also retained approximately $140 million of workers’ compensation liabilities for claims incurred by Kraft Foods Group employees prior to the Spin-Off. In November 2012, we paid Kraft Foods Group $95 million to cash settle the net trade payables and receivables and which are also reflected in table above. In March 2013, we collected $55 million from Kraft Foods Group related to the cash settlement of stock awards held by our respective employees at the time of the Spin-Off as further described in Note 11, Stock Plans.


Spin-Off Costs:

Our historical results include one-time Spin-Off transaction, transition and financing and related costs (“Spin-Off Costs”) we have incurred to date. We recorded Spin-Off Costs of $62 million in 2013, $1,053 million in 2012 and $46 million in 2011. We expect to reflect all one-time Spin-Off Costs within our reported results. We incurred the following Spin-Off Costs within our pre-tax earnings:


     For the Years Ended
December 31,
     2013      2012      2011  
     (in millions)  

Selling, general and administrative expenses

   $  62       $ 444       $ 46   

Interest and other expense, net











Spin-Off Costs

   $ 62       $ 1,053       $ 46   










We expect to incur approximately $30 million of remaining Spin-Off Costs in 2014 related primarily to customer service and logistics, information systems and processes, as well as legal costs associated with revising intellectual property and other long-term agreements.

Resolution of Starbucks Arbitration:

As we previously disclosed, on March 1, 2011, the Starbucks Coffee Company (“Starbucks”) took control of the Starbucks packaged coffee business (“Starbucks CPG business”) in grocery stores and other channels. Starbucks did so without our authorization and in what we contended was a violation and breach of our license and supply agreement with Starbucks related to the Starbucks CPG business. Following an initial decision in November 2013, on December 13, 2013, the independent arbitrator in our dispute with Starbucks issued a decision and Final Award that Kraft Foods Global, Inc. (now Kraft Foods Group), the named party in the proceeding, had proven that it was entitled to recover and that Starbucks must pay $2,764 million in total cash compensation for Starbucks’ unilateral termination of the agreement. The award included compensation for 135% of the determined fair market value of the agreement for improper termination as well as prejudgment interest of $521 million and Kraft Foods Group’s attorney’s fees, which the parties agreed would equal $15 million. Starbucks has paid all of the amount owed pursuant to the ruling. Under the Separation and Distribution Agreement between Kraft Foods Group and us, Kraft Foods Group directed the recovery awarded in the arbitration proceeding to us. The dispute arose within the Kraft Foods Group discontinued operation and was directed to Mondelēz International in connection with the Spin-Off recapitalization plans. Accordingly, the pre-tax gain on the resolution of the Starbucks arbitration of $2.5 billion ($1.6 billion net of tax) was recorded in earnings from discontinued operations during the fourth quarter of 2013.

Acquisition, Other Divestitures and Sales of Property:

On February 22, 2013, we acquired the remaining interest in a biscuit operation in Morocco, which is now a wholly-owned subsidiary within our EEMEA segment. We paid net cash consideration of $119 million, consisting of a $155 million purchase price net of cash acquired of $36 million. Prior to the acquisition, our interest in the operation was accounted for under the equity method. As a result of obtaining a controlling interest, we consolidated the operation and recorded the fair value of acquired assets (including identifiable intangible assets of $48 million), the liabilities assumed and goodwill of $209 million. We also recorded a pre-tax gain of $22 million related to the remeasurement of our previously-held equity interest in the operation to fair value in accordance with U.S. GAAP. Acquisition costs of $7 million were included within selling, general and administrative expenses and interest and other expense, net during the year ended December 31, 2013. The operating results of the acquisition were not material to our condensed consolidated financial statements during the periods presented.

In 2013, we completed several divestitures primarily in our EEMEA and Europe segments which generated cash proceeds of $60 million and pre-tax gains of $8 million. The divestitures included a salty snacks business in Turkey, a confectionery business in South Africa and a chocolate business in Spain.

In 2012, we completed several divestitures within our Europe segment that generated cash proceeds of $200 million and pre-tax gains of $107 million. The divestitures primarily included a dinners and sauces grocery business in Germany and Belgium and a canned meat business in Italy.

The aggregate operating results of the 2013 and 2012 divestitures were not material to our financial statements in any of the periods presented.


In 2013, we sold properties in Italy, the United Kingdom and Norway within our Europe segment and in India within our Asia Pacific segment. The Europe property sales generated $29 million in pre-tax net gains and $37 million of cash proceeds. We also have a $52 million receivable related to the United Kingdom property sale. The India property sale generated a $39 million pre-tax gain and $53 million of cash proceeds. The gains were recorded within selling, general and administrative expenses and cash proceeds were recorded in cash flows from other investing activities in the year ended December 31, 2013.

In 2012, we also sold property in Russia and Turkey within our EEMEA segment. The Russia property sale generated a $55 million pre-tax gain and $72 million of cash proceeds and the Turkey property sale generated a $22 million pre-tax gain and $29 million of cash proceeds. The gains were recorded within selling, general and administrative expenses and the cash proceeds were recorded in cash flows from other investing activities in the year ended December 31, 2012.