Note 8—Retirement Plans
The Company has a 401(k) Retirement Plan available to all U.S. employees who have completed 90 days of employment. For all U.S. employees, with the exception of California union employees, the plan allows pre-tax deferrals, which the Company matches (50% of the first one thousand dollars of employee contributions). In addition, the Company provides each eligible participant an annual discretionary contribution based on salary and years of service.
California union employees are allowed to make pre-tax deferrals into the 401(k) plan, which the Company matches (50% of the first five hundred dollars of employee contributions) and provides each eligible participant a contribution based on hours worked and years of service.
California union employees participate in a defined benefit plan sponsored by their union under a multi-employer plan, and the Company makes contributions to this plan based upon its union agreement. The Company’s contributions to this plan are not material to the Company’s consolidated financial statements.
The Company has a defined contribution plan for Canadian employees and contributes a percentage of each employee’s salary. Certain Other International operations have defined benefit and defined contribution plans that are not significant. Amounts expensed under all plans were $409, $382, and $345 for 2013, 2012, and 2011, respectively, and were included in selling, general and administrative expenses and merchandise costs in the accompanying consolidated statements of income.