COMCAST CORP | 2013 | FY | 3

Note 11: Noncontrolling Interests

Certain of the subsidiaries that we consolidate are not wholly owned. Some of the agreements with the minority partners of these subsidiaries contain redemption features whereby interests held by the minority partners are redeemable either (i) at the option of the holder or (ii) upon the occurrence of an event that is not solely within our control. If interests were to be redeemed under these agreements, we would generally be required to purchase the interest at fair value on the date of redemption. These interests are presented on the balance sheet outside of equity under the caption “redeemable noncontrolling interests and redeemable subsidiary preferred stock.” Noncontrolling interests that do not contain such redemption features are presented in equity.

We acquired GE's remaining 49% common equity interest in NBCUniversal Holdings, which had previously been presented as a redeemable noncontrolling interest in our consolidated balance sheet. See Note 4 for additional information on the Redemption Transaction. The difference between the consideration transferred and the recorded value of GE's 49% redeemable noncontrolling common equity interest, as well as the related tax impacts, were recorded to additional paid-in capital. The table below includes the impact of the Redemption Transaction on our changes in equity.


Changes in Equity
Year ended December 31 (in millions) 2013
Net income attributable to Comcast Corporation$ 6,816
Transfers from (to) noncontrolling interests:  
 Decrease in Comcast Corporation additional paid-in capital resulting from the   
 purchase of GE’s redeemable noncontrolling common equity interest  (1,651)
 Other  (26)
Changes in equity resulting from net income attributable to Comcast Corporation and   
 transfers from (to) noncontrolling interests$ 5,139